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The word "Joshanda" is derived from two words i.e. "Joshanidan" which means boiling and "Andah" which means "prepared by" thus Joshanda meaning, "prepared by boiling"

Joshanda, a polyherbal Unani (Greco-arab) formulation is extensively used in the treatment of upper and lower respiratory catarrh. After the renewed attention and interest in the use of traditional medicines at the global level, Joshanda is extensively being used for the treatment of URC (Upper Respiratory Catarrh), particularly in the chronic cases. This polyherbal mixture contains a variety of expectorant, anticatarrhal and respiratory demulcent herbs that help in relieving the debilitating cough. The key to success of this highly effective phytotherapy lies in the use of a combination of antitussive agents that act by different modes e.g. reflex expectorants, central expectorants, parasympathetomimetics, stimulants of secretory cells and secretomotorics