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Years before human beings started learning about the existence of sciences, much before some other kind of medication could even be imagined, one control of life science had advanced into a total treatment on prevention and fix of human components.

Over 5000 years back, India started a science by the name Ayurveda – ‘Ayu’ which means life and ‘Veda’ which means maintenance of physical, mental, social and social wellbeing of a person. A life science that focused on anticipation as much as a cure, it before long came to discover favor in the entire region of Asia just as the Middle East, Turkey, Greece, and Egypt. Ayurveda is a comprehension of the therapeutic forces of nature and all Ayurvedic definitions are produced using extracts of herbs, organic products, fruits, seeds, roots, gum, flowers, latex and many more.

Ayurveda does not have any kind of side effects. While many may think that it’s amazing, Ayurveda which we know today is basically a similar science that was discovered thousands of years back. It should likewise be disclosure to most that the content of this treatise is an all-around researched healing forces of nature on our planet, saved in Atharvaveda, one of the five sacred books of Hindu drop, Hakim Ramjimal Agarwal a famous professional of Ayurveda, made a little start by beginning the assembling of Ayurvedic medicines at Bareilly in Uttar Pardesh in the year 1920

Today, eHakimJi sells the biggest range of Ayurveda items with more than 5000 of formulations, sold at our retail outlets and online on leading portals like amazon, flipkart .Supported with years of experience, modern-day infrastructural places, best in class innovation and quality human asset, eHakimJi keeps on living the job it had accepted decades age, that of a genuine beneficiary to the inheritance of Ayurveda. eHakimJi is one of the  best in Ayurveda.

Affiliations and Associations:

EHakimJi. has solid ties in the herbal pharmaceutical business attributable to an open and dynamic viewpoint. The association puts stock in progressing in the direction of the shared objective of the business and that of the country at large. So as to guarantee the best standard of Herbs, the organization advances medicinal plants, developed on large scale all alone and furthermore as a team with nearby farmers. A couple of the regarded partners of the association are:

That a corporate element of the size and repute of eHakimJi has a duty towards the general public and the country is surely understood by us at eHakimJi. Likewise The Hakim ramjimal sarswati shishu mandir at Bareilly, a school run exclusively by Directors of Hakim Ramjimal family

Free clinical camps are put up all over I Where our expert specialists look at patients and offer free medicines.